So you want to make movies eh? Don't get caught up in cameras, software, computers or any of that technical crap. You have all the equipment you need right in the palm of your hand -- a smart phone! 
Movie making is all about the ideas. Think about the snapchats, vines and youtube channels you keep going back to. IDEAS! Most of the stuff you watch makes you laugh. There's always some story that you relate too. 
Do you have a story to tell?  What are your ideas? If you don't have any that's ok. We'll get some together.
First, take a normal situation like, I was driving home from work piggin' out on a bag of knock off doritos and I got thirsty.

This follows a "Got a problem, here's the solution" format. 
Problem: I was thirsty. Solution: Drink somebody's nastiod water.
The problem is normal, the solution is not. That's where you'll find ideas. Ask yourself, "How can you solve a problem in an unexpected way?"
For this course we're going to keep our movies short so that you'll be able to get a few done. 
I probably spent 15 minutes on that video. That's the philosophy here. Get an Idea -- makea movie. I was thinking about this lesson on the way home from work and came up with this idea so I pulled into a rest area, thew my water in the trash, propped my cell phone on a picnic table, got in the car and circled around and did what you saw. Then I was late for dinner, but that's another problem...
Come up with three simple problems and 6 nutty solutions. Don't get complicated, you'll just bog yourself down. I say 6 solutions because I want you to come up with more than one way to solve the problem.
Mr Bean is a master of this method.
Another way to generate ideas is to play a simple version of mad libs with yourself or a friend. 
There was a ______ who ________ because______. 
Example: There once was a girl who broke up with her boyfriend because he was the grim reaper.
The grim reaper broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldn't die.
Movie making is a visual medium, so let's add some imagery to some boring text:
Straight setup, unexpected visuals.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Work within your limitations. When I was working on Epic the cloth team was showing off MK's hoodie.
She could take it off her hood and put it back on. Doesn't everybody? Aperently not, in CG this was huge! So I boarded a fight gag for to show off Blue Sky's cool skills. Here it is:
It got lots of laughs but didn't make it into the final movie because the hoodie only worked on MK. Think about your limitiations and work with them.
This course is going to focus on story, and that's the hardest part. Learn it! Love it! Live it!


Come up with three ideas. They don't need to be completely fleshed out, but they do need a conflict. You're not trying to win the oscar (yet) so just go crazy, doesn't matter if you think all your ideas are stupid.
Pick one and start riffing on it.
Three charcaters steal a boat.
A dog is trying to find someone to pet him.
Dog tries to get petted by an ordnace hadler.
Begs someone in a straight jacket to pet him
Street performer-statue person to pet him
A palace guard?
A construction worker needs to go to the bathroom.
If you are enrolled in the critiqued part of this lesson, post your work on google drive or dropbox and share it with me.
Any questions? Post them in the facebook group.

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