Thanks for taking the critiqued course!

How to join the class

We'll be meeting online via Zoom video conferencing.  You'll need to get a free acct with them and download an extension for Firefox or Chrome for it to work. You will receive an email with the link to join the call a few minutes before class starts.

Be sure Zoom works on your computer before class!

Uploading Assignments

After you signed up for the class, I'll send you a link to a google drive folder to post your finished files in. Save the files you are posting individually as jpg. That makes it easier on my end to download. Post your assignments in the folder with your name.

Assignments are due the night before class so I'll have time to look at it before we meet. I'll go over your boards in class with you.

If you post late, I'll still give feedback but it won't be as in-depth because I didn't see them before class.

Questions during the week

Just email me! or contact me through facebook. There's a Yeti School Facebook group if you'd like to join.


A quick note on using layers in your storyboards

Dialog on top, separate your image so that it's easier to make changes, movement or subsequent boards. I like to keep the characters, background, and foreground on individual layers.


template breakdown




Random Storyboard

027 .jpg